BIG News for Sonic Boom Merch In Australia


Over the last few days we here at SonicAU have been in contact with various collectibles and specialty stores in an attempt to find out who will be selling Sonic Boom merch here in Australia. Of those we’ve contacted by far the most helpful has been EB Games, who gave us some very exciting information.

Apart from the previously mentioned Sonic Boom merch, EB Games will be getting a heap or other items with the first available as early as mid-November!

It is important to note, however, that saying that EB Games is getting the merch is something of a misdemeanor as EB Games stores themselves won’t be selling the figures but rather their merchandise-spercific spin-off stores, Zing.

Fear not though, as you will still be able to order the toys via the EB Games on-line store or via EB’s Home Direct service (more info on that below).

So, what are the toys that EB will be getting? Check out the table below for all the details.


Of those toys listed in the table all of them will be available mid-November with the exception of the BM Launcher and Tails Plane Launcher, which will be available in December.

None of them are available via EB’s on-line story yet, however SonicAU was advised that you can pre-order them via Home Direct from your local EB Games store now.

In order to pre-order via Home Direct you need to visit your local EB Games store, let them know which products you’d like to pre-order and provide them with the SKU number for those items (the numbers in the left of the above table). With this they’ll be able to bring up the toys for pre-order and also let you know how much they will cost (EB was unable to give us price info at this time, but as soon as we find out the prices of the above we’ll let you know).

With Home Direct you also have the option of the toys being delivered straight to your door or to your local store to save on shipping.

So there you have it, folks! It looks like Australia might not be as badly done by as some of us may have feared. So, make a copy of the above table, get on over to your local EB and start pre-ordering!


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