A Few Notes on the EB Merch


Yesterday, we went into our local EB Games to pre-order the merch we told you about recently. Well, we’ve some extra info on that front, including the price of each item.

When visiting EB and explaining to the  (very helpful!) staff that Customer Service has told us to order the merch via Home Direct there was a bit of confusion. As it turns out, Home Direct can only be done for items already released. Of course the Sonic Boom merch isn’t out yet, so you’ll want to pre-order the items, which means that they will be delivered to the store and the store will let you know when they arrive.

With that sorted, we were able to pre-order allseven of the items we told you about previously. They range from $40AU to $10 AU. Here are the breakdown of the prices;

That’s a grant total of $169.

So there you go folks. Now you know how much you’ll be up for start saving the your pennies for when these babies arrive.


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