Worlds Unite Solicitations

The biggest crossover event ever – yes, even bigger than Worlds Collide – is almost here! Worlds Unite will not only see the Sonic and Mega Man worlds crossover in the pages of Archie Comics, but also other SEGA and Capcom universes from Street Fighter to Skies of Arcadia. For SEGA and Capcom fan this is going to be epic!

Starting in May with Sonic Universe #76 the Worlds Unite will flow over into each of the three Sonic titles (Sonic, Universe and Boom) and then, in June, Mega Man will join the action with issue #50.

So far only the issues to be released in May have been solicited, but comic stores are taking pre-orders for them now. You can see the solicitation info HERE, so be sure to let your local comic store know you want copies put aside for you. While you’re at it, if you let them know you want each issues of the Worlds Unite event they should be able to sort that for you as well.

So who is pumped for this? We here as SA feel May can’t come fast enough!


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